All we have in this world is time and family. When I take long trips I never feel safe leaving my pups with anyone. They are friendly but super hyper. Dappy dayz is the only place I will trust to watch my dogs they make it feel like I left them over my friends or family. This is a great place if your a dog owner and are feeling uncomfortable about separating from your companions.There team does a great job of communicating and making me feel the most at ease when I am away.I would give 10/10 to anyone in the Hampton roads area.


Thank you Tamara for caring for my three dogs. She is wonderful and very precise in makimg sure you feel comfortable leaving your pets. I was able to get pictures and videos right away to feel good that my pets were happy at her house. She showed me pets can get alomg with other dogs. I was scared at first because im not used to leaving them places. Thank you so much i will definitely return.


Hands down the best experience I’ve had as far letting someone watch our pets. Tami took care of our dogs as if they were her own. She kept my wife updated all the time about the status of our dogs, including sending us pictures. We were amazed at the amount of freedom our dogs were allowed to have. We definitely recommend her and plan on using Tami again in the near future!


Great service, perfect home away from home for our fur babies when we’re out of town.


We love Tammy and her family for opening their doors to our fur baby! Working 24 hour shifts can make it hard to be a pet owner. Tammy came through at the right time. Reasonable prices, and he gets a “at home” environment along with other dogs of various ages and sizes. Highly recommended!


My baby boy was well taken care of. l loved to see his pictures while l was gone. THANKS ..IT MADE MY DAY, while l was far away. Yes, l recommend these services.


Thank you for keeping my dogs happy while I am away!


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